Sao Tome & Principe – A Paradise Far Away

São Tomé and Príncipe is an African nation that is close to the equator.  It is also part of a volcano chain that features striking rock and coral formation. Perhaps not all of you know but this island actually offers unique tourist destinations that will surprise your sight. Because of its distance, only a few people would visit this island but it is definitely worth your time. Here are a few places that you would want to see when coming to this enchanting island.

Sao Tome

 Sao Tome features Romanesque churches and ornate colonial buildings, palm-lined boulevards and beautiful plazas. Sao Tome is also the capital and the business center of the island with lots of tourist attractions to see. They are mainly composed of buildings and architecture, which can be traced to a historical past. You can see the Presidential Palace and Independence Square. It’s best if you have read a little about this place before going here so that you can appreciate anything you see.

Obo National Park

Covering a tremendous territory of in excess of 230 square kilometers on the southern side of Sao Tome, the extraordinary wild ranges from salt-washed mangroves on the shore to virgin Atlantic rainforests in the good countries. What’s more, what good countries they are! Delegated by the powerful, needle-like feign of Pico Cao Grande, the recreation center takes off straight into the mists.

Santo António

The capital of minuscule Principe – the littler portion of this archipelago – is a smallish town on the north shore of the island, and home to the majority of its populace (and that is simply above just 1,000 people!). A lethargic spot old enough recolored pilgrim buildings and mud-splattered pueblo-style homes, it has a specific valid appeal.


A famous spot for sea shore darlings and extravagance searchers looking for Sao Tome’s mythical mixed drink of sand, ocean and sun on the Atlantic, the little town of Santana spills down to the shoreline on the eastern edge of the island, rising up out of the lean palms of the wilderness and the volcanic slopes like some overlooked town in the place where there is Robinson Crusoe.